5kW Wind Turbine

A product of Nirougah Karafarinan Niroumand Baad Shargh Co.

5kW Wind Turbine

Project Karafarinan Niroumand

The use of renewable resources, including wind energy, as a global approach, plays a key role in the generation of clean energy and reduction of reliance on fossil fuels. It also creates the opportunity to supply the required energy without reliance on global electricity networks. After a year of research and development, the company initiated the design of a 5Kw horizontal axis wind turbine in 2020 and started its construction process in 2021 following technical assessments and continuation of the design process. This type of turbine can be used in geographical areas that have no access to the national electricity network in order to generate distributed energy and meet the demand for electricity. Therefore, the company started the process of design and construction of 5kW wind turbines by relying on the ability of experienced domestic experts and the use of local knowledge in this field. Carrying out the entire design and production process of all different parts of the turbine, including blades and generators, in the complex in various areas of aerodynamics, electrical and control, mechanics and composites have led to advantages such as the greater fit of subsystems, optimization and increase of efficiency of this turbine. This product has the ability to generate electricity even at low wind speeds. In addition, it has a lower depreciation rate, compared to similar products, due to the greater fit of the components together.

Increased power generation efficiency due to design optimization
Specialized design of the generator that fits the product in order to improve its performance
The ability to be used at high temperatures in tropical regions, and storm and hurricane resistance
Resilience and efficiency of the product in environments with high dust concentration and high humidity
Lack of need for a gearbox, which reduces product depreciation over time
Design and production of components with the use of domestic power and the ability of experienced experts
Not influenced by the conditions of sanctions in the field of construction and technical services after installation
The ability to generate power even at low wind speeds
The ability to improve design to produce similar turbines with higher power
Use of modern knowledge in turbine design and construction
product introduction

Product technical specifications



Rated Capacity5 kW
Rated Wind Speed11 m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed3 m/s
Cut-out Wind Speed25 m/s
Wind Class, Acc. IEC 61400III
Maximum Extreme Wind Speed45 m/s

Annual Energy Production (AEP)

(khargerd Wind Farm Data, Average Wind Speed 7.9m/s)

20 MWh



Diameter*5.15 m
Number of Blades3
Swept Area20.13 m2
Rotor Speed Range0-250 rpm
Nominal Tip Speed68 m/s
Speed RegulationActive Pitch Control
Aerodynamic BrakesCentrifugal Passive Feathering
Rotor Shaft Up Tilt3 Degrees
Blade Length* 2.4 m
Blade MaterialFiberglass
Blade Maximum Chord*367 mm
Blade Weight7.5 kg
Hub MaterialCK45


TypeG45 – 4 bases
Material Galvanized steel
Number of Sections3
Hub Height*10 m
Weight on top of tower (turbine weight)380 Kg


Primary Brake SystemCentrifugal Passive Feathering
Emergency BrakeShort circuit


ActuationPassive tail


Bearings TypeSpherical roller bearing


TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Rated Power*5 KW
Rated Speed*250 rpm
Rated Voltage260 V AC
Rated Frequency50 Hz
Number of Poles24
Rated Efficiency (Generator Only)*92%
Over Speed Limit Acc. to IEC61400 for two minutes 300         rpm
Protection ClassIP 65
Insulation Class F   
Cooling SystemEnvironment cooling
Weight *130 kg


Maximum input power 7500W
MPPT range160-850V
Protection classIP65
MPPT efficiency99.5 %
Cooling Natural
Inverter topologyWithout transformer
Dimension (WDH)550*200*515mm
Certificate CE, TUV
Battery charge/ discharge96.5 %
Noise emission<35db
Self-consumption <3 W
Altitude 2000m
Operation temperature-25-60 C
Dummy load maximum voltage451 V DC
Dummy load maximum current13A DC
Dummy load maximum resistance35 Ω


TypePLC siemens S7-1212C DC/DC/DC
PLC Run Time1ms
Monitoring SoftwareTIA portal / matlab/ CItect
Protection ClassIP 20