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about us
Nirougah Karafarinan Niroumand Baad
“Nirougah Karafarinan Niroumand Baad Shargh Co.” was developed in 2017 to generate plant capacity, supply facilities and create the infrastructures required for wind energy utilization. The company has initiated research and development in areas of wind turbine design and construction since 2018, aiming at increasing its technical capabilities and self-sufficiency. One of the subsidiaries of RahNoa Group, this company has put the design and production of wind energy utilization facilities and systems on its agenda with an innovative, entrepreneurial and technology-based attitude. The company has attempted to meet a part of the country’s need, especially in areas without an electrical grid, by using renewable energies.
The products offered by “Nirougah Karafarinan Niroumand Baad Shargh Co.” are suitable for different situations due to the company’s emphasis on the design and construction of wind turbines with small sizes and the ability to generate distributed electricity. These turbines have special use in geographical areas that have a high capacity for wind energy or are deprived of access to the national electricity network. The company has used state-of-the-art technology in its research and development process and has created the necessary infrastructure for the production of efficient products by forming an industrial complex consisting of various technical departments. Different parts of the complex follow the fundamental strategies of the company applied to produce quality products using experienced and trained experts in areas of mechanics, aerodynamics, composite and electrical and control.
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Introduction of units

Developing a clear path that is purposeful and appropriate to the conditions of the day plays a fundamental role in the growth and improvement of the company and shows the way the goals determined by the complex can be achieved. The “Plan Unit” is responsible for planning future projects, as well as monitoring and controlling the execution of projects and industrial needs for meeting product demands. In addition, it plays a basic role in achieving the company’s goals. Moreover, the presence of experts with a background in this industry and those who are familiar with the novel knowledge of project control and planning has led to decision-making about current and future activities of the company by relying on valuable past experiences.